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A fast and secure network will help you be more productive while keeping you in touch with the rest of the world. Don’t get left in the dust when it comes to today’s technology. Let us help you organize your network infrastructure, and give you the peace of mind that comes with a safe and secure network environment.

• Installation and configuration of all network types (ad-hoc, infrastructure, etc.).
• Network wiring for a new building, or an upgrade for existing lines.
• Installation of patch panels, and switches.
• Experience with peer-to-peer, client-server, and mainframe environments.
• Familiar with all Cisco system devices (routers, broadband modems, etc.).
• Mapped drives to any shared location for quick access to network data.
• Consultation to determine network needs; such as Exchange or Lotus.
• Providing access to your network on the road via remote desktop or VPN.
• Restricting access for certain user or to certain locations on a network.
• Exchange over the web; so that your business emails follow you anywhere.
• Configuration of email for smart phones such as Blackberries, and iPhones.
• Implementation of network firewalls, and watch guard devices.